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ENS-Inc delivers proven reliable and scalable technology solutions.

Founded in 1999, ENS-Inc employs talented, certified consultants, with over 100 certifications and combined experience of more than 100 years. With proven results, like those in the following case studies, ENS-Inc knows what it takes to develop and deploy your technology solution.

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Multi-Tenant Virtualized Datacenter with VMware vCloud Director
(Mar 2015)

With the provisioning capabilities of VMware vCloud Director, this California state agency implemented an agile multi-tenant infrastructure that allows individual departments autonomy to manage their own virtual environments. The new datacenter provides flexible, scalable, highly-available IT resources for all departments along with overall cost reductions, improved security, and enhanced business continuity/disaster (BC/DR) recovery capabilities.

Data Center Implementation with Accelerated Migration
(Dec 2014)

This California State Bureau moving to a new location and building a new data infrastructure at the same time was faced with a near-crisis time frame for their final cutover. A powerful VMware virtual infrastructure combined with Zerto Disaster Recovery tools and a knowledgeable IT team provided an effective and efficient implementation in record time.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
(Jan 2014)

Utilizing multiple leading-edge technologies, this California government department deployed a scalable VDI solution with the flexibility to accommodate a large number of variably configured desktops and mobile devices. The VDI solution design leveraged multiple technologies that provide highly available remote access from any client device and in compliance with the strictest security guidelines.

Backup and Recovery / Disaster Recovery with EMC Avamar
(Oct 2013)

In addition to establishing a Disaster Recovery Site, this California government department needed a centralized storage/backup solution that addressed retention and security policies and met Data Center Services requirements for “ready” mode to move to the Tier III data center. EMC’s Avamar deduplication software provided efficient, reliable disk-based backups for geographically disparate multiple locations, greatly reducing storage and bandwidth needs, and which also met the State mandated guidelines.

Effective Backup and Restore on Virtual Infrastructure with EMC Avamar
(Jul 2013)

This California State Government Office was faced with a backup system that no longer met SLAs, a discontinuing tape storage contract, and insurmountable encryption regulations. The Office implemented EMC’s Avamar software/hardware solution with integrated variable-length deduplication technology. Business objectives were met 100% with effective data consolidation, deduplication, replication, encryption, and speed of backups, providing simplified management, additional security, and cost savings.

Virtual Messaging Infrastructure with Email Migration
(Jun 2013)

The Department of Justice faced multiple limitations and risks for several business applications critical to reliable 24/7 operations communications for nearly 6,000 email users. Implementation of a virtual messaging infrastructure that included the migration from Novell GroupWise to the Microsoft Exchange Email System provided critical application integration with high availability, disaster recovery assurance, and mobility empowerment.

Network Firewall Upgrade
(Jan 2013)

CheckPoint, an industry security standard for 10 years, had not kept up with CalPERS advancing technologies creating widespread interoperability problems with file and system interfacing. CalPERS adopted a complete “rip and replace” approach, implementing a complete Cisco firewall solution that resolved critical requirements as well as providing a more efficient infrastructure for future planned IT enhancements.

CDCR Microsoft SharePoint Boosts Information Accuracy, Speeds Delivery 400%
(May 2012)

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) does more with less in part by giving employees immediate access to current, accurate, and consistent information with which to make better, data-driven decisions. To achieve this access and availability, CDCR created collaboration and business information portals by using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007.

CDCR VMware Virtualization Maximizes Cost Avoidance, Optimizes Disaster Recovery Plan
(Jul 2011)

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation needed to scale its IT infrastructure to meet growing demands and increasing complexity. Failure to do so could mean catastrophic results, such as serious risks to public safety and security, and serious sanctions as a result of failure to comply with legislative and legal mandates.

Customized SharePoint Services
(Oct 2010)

CCC is a Microsoft shop so SharePoint, with its powerful tools for collaboration and content management, was a logical solution. ENS-Inc experience and creativity with SharePoint customization maximized the website potential and turned CCC user requirements into functional specifications.

California Education IT Solutions Empower Success for California Children
(Oct 2010)

More than ever before, the California public school system faces growing budget challenges in conjunction with the need to keep up with ever-changing technologies. Information and communication are keys to success, unlocking and enhancing the relationships between school & district administrators, teachers, students, and the families behind it all.

Server & Desktop Virtualization with Consolidated SAN Solution
(Oct 2010)

This solution required the implementation of many new technologies. But what really set it apart is that is was done for a small budget with a huge Return on Investment (ROI).

Mobile Devices Integrated in Email Exchange Migration
(Jun 2010)

The California Department of Water Resources selected the Blackberry handheld and Blackberry Enterprise Server solution based on its proven track record and the usability of the platform.

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Development vs. Tribal Knowledge
(Jun 2010)

Tribal knowledge is a precarious backbone for policy, processes, and procedure. When new technologies are implemented, tribal knowledge is scattered at best and important details can get lost in translation. Well documented processes and procedures provide a foundation for training, troubleshooting, and optimized workflow that are not dependent on employee continuity.

Enterprise Storage Solution & Implementation in Virtual Infrastructure
(Jun 2010)

"This storage solution can be used as a model implementation. From the very beginning, this solution was well documented and each step reviewed by subject matter experts in all the relevant disciplines within the organization. This solution uses industry best practices and vendor-approved configurations throughout."

Exchange Upgrade with Migration to Virtual Infrastructure
(Jun 2010)

DWR was faced with end-of-life support for both their email system and the underlying IT infrastructure. They could no longer keep up with increasing demands for reliability and performance and also needed the ability to integrate with the growing network of mobile data devices used by employees throughout the state.

Novell to Microsoft Migration - Server Virtualization & Consolidation
(May 2009)

After standardizing on Microsoft for infrastructure services, CDFA was seeking an efficient and transparent way to migrate its user base from a Novell Infrastructure standard, which included Novell eDirectory Services, GroupWise 7.0 and Novell File and Application Servers, to a Microsoft Infrastructure platform, which included Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange 2003 and Windows File and Application Servers.


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