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    Case Study

    Mobile Devices Integrated in Email Exchange Migration

    Jun 2010

    Blackberry Enterprise Server Connects Mobile Users at California Department of Water Resources

    The California Department of Water Resources selected the Blackberry handheld and Blackberry Enterprise Server solution based on its proven track record and the usability of the platform.


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    The California Department of Water Resources (DWR), with over 3000 employees and more than 30 field and regional sites statewide, is one of the largest departments in the California Natural Resources Agency. The DWR supplies and manages the water delivery systems for California, provides flood protection through improvement of California's levees, inspects 1,200 dams, and helps coordinate the State's integrated water management strategies.

    Solution Overview

    BUSINESS SITUATION: DWR needed to upgrade their email infrastructure to enable reliable and secure communications with widespread use of handheld mobile devices.
    SOLUTION: Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc. (ENS-Inc) designed a secure, multi-server, multi-site solution that met the customer requirements of a secure solution, high availability, and the need to serve users across a wide geographical area.
    BENEFITS: Mobile device users enjoy fast, reliable, secure synchronization between their handhelds and their office mailboxes.
    • Best Practices: Migration to Blackberry handheld/Blackberry Enterprise Server during Email Upgrade
    • Blackberry Enterprise Server, Blackberry handhelds, MS Exchange 2000, 2007
    • Microsoft ActiveSync
    • Multi-Site Deployments
    • Training and Knowledge Transfer


    DWR wanted to upgrade their existing mobile email solution consisting of Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Windows Mobile handhelds synchronizing via GoodLink synchronization software. Mainstream support for their Exchange 2000 software had expired and the program also lacked essential features the agency required for their email. They could no longer keep up with increasing demands for reliability and performance and also needed the ability to integrate with the growing network of mobile data devices used by employees throughout the state.

    During their overall email migration, it was important for the handheld email solution to be flexible enough to provide service during several different phases of the hardware/software solution upgrade.


    ENS-Inc, in conjunction with and as a part of the overall DWR email system upgrade, implemented Microsoft Exchange 2007 in the newly-designed virtualized datacenter. Active Directory architectural changes had been made to improve network access speed and reliability and Microsoft ActiveSync was deployed so smart phones could get email services through DWR’s Exchange.

    With all the pieces in place, the latest version of Blackberry Enterprise Server was deployed with many more powerful features than previously available. By putting servers in local offices at several sites across California, users are able to enjoy fast, reliable, secure synchronization between their handhelds and their office mailboxes. This secure multi-server, multi-site solution met customer requirements for security, high availability, and the need to serve users across a wide geographical area.

    Success through Training and Teamwork

    A key element in this successful deployment and implementation was the knowledge transfer process. ENS-Inc engineers worked closely with DWR IT staff and talked them through installation and configuration procedures, letting DWR staff “do the driving” wherever possible. This also resulted in cost-savings for DWR in that fewer ENS-Inc engineering hours were required for the full deployment.

    The ENS-Inc team also worked side-by-side with IT management from the kick-off meeting, through meetings with stakeholders, planning and technical meetings, and project status meetings throughout the project. ENS-Inc provided solution design documents and also worked with DWR project managers to produce project plan documents.


    The effective Blackberry Enterprise Server deployment and implementation introduced cost-saving and user-friendly benefits for DWR:

    • Reduced installation costs through hands-on training during install
      Instructing DWR staff through hands-on training during the initial installation and configurations minimized the number of hours required for ENS-Inc engineers.
    • High availability across a wide geographical area
      DWR has more than 30 office locations around the state in addition to many spread out field locations. Multi-site server installations enable high availability for all users.
    • Fast, reliable, secure synchronization for user's handheld devices and office mailboxes
      Best Practices for migrating to Blackberry Enterprise Server and Blackberry handhelds during the upgrade of email hardware and software optimize the end-user experience.
    • Simplified and fast deployment for individual users with practically no user time required
      In most cases, users were able to pick up their new Blackberry handheld with all of their messages and contacts already there.

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