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Case Study

Customized SharePoint Services

Oct 2010

California Conservation Corps Optimizes Online Presence with Easy Web Content Management

CCC is a Microsoft shop so SharePoint, with its powerful tools for collaboration and content management, was a logical solution. ENS-Inc experience and creativity with SharePoint customization maximized the website potential and turned CCC user requirements into functional specifications.


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The California Conservation Corps (CCC), established in 1976, is the oldest and largest state conservation corps program in the country. Approximately 3,000 young men and women are hired each year tackling more than 900 natural resource projects annually. The CCC has 27 residential and nonresidential locations throughout the state. Sponsors throughout California include state agencies, federal agencies, city and county agencies, school districts, non-profit organizations, and private industry.

Solution Overview

BUSINESS SITUATION: The CCC needed to update and rebrand their website. Business objectives required online functionality, ongoing content management, marketing, and relevance for corps members, sponsors, partners, and the general public.
SOLUTION: Enterprise Networking Solutions deployed a customized SharePoint solution that satisfied customer design & communication requirements with ease of content management features.
BENEFITS: The SharePoint website is attractive, functional, dynamic, and is easily updated by non-IT personnel while still maintaining format and design standards.
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The CCC website had not been updated for a long time so the content was no longer applicable. It was created ten years earlier using older design programs and changes could only be made to the front page using inflexible, outdated templates. With just one person on staff with the necessary skills, updating the site ranked low on the priority list for work to be done.

CCC members no longer felt the site was helpful so its function as an information tool had ceased. However, for CCC to continue their work, they needed to market corps services to sponsors as well as partners. A relevant and functional website was imperative.

CCC had already developed the design and mapped out the content structure. They needed someone who could implement their ideas.


CCC chose ENS-Inc because of their proven ability and their targeted proposal to provide the deliverables in the implementation of this new technology for CCC.

“It was a very good blend,” stated Rita Gass, Chief of IS at CCC, speaking of CCC’s ideas combined with ENS-Inc development. “ENS made it happen.”

After the initial kick-off meeting to gather the main customer requirements for the project, ENS-Inc met weekly with the customer to go over progress and future items. There were also daily discussions involving any changes or issues that may have arisen.

ENS-Inc past experience provided the tools to test and tune the CCC SharePoint site to be compatible with all major browsers. Performance of the site wasincreased using IIS compression and SharePoint caching.

ENS-Inc created forms to facilitate easy content management. Once the external SharePoint website was implemented, CCC management was able to set up workflows and permissions that allowed users to update content while still having buyoff from the internal communications office and maintaining web design standards.

Training & Documentation

After implementation, ENS-Inc met with the staff and walked them through the processes to make sure everyone was comfortable with the new system.

ENS-Inc created User Guides and documentation for Backup, Architecture, and Implementation.

Visit to view CCC's home page with rotating images and page selections.


The customized SharePoint solution provided CCC with the following benefits:

Ease of Use
  • Online forms facilitate easy user entry to update the website.
Simplified Training
  • User-friendly forms simplify and shorten the training process for new users.
Time-Saving, Flexible Content Management
  • Personnel from different teams and locations can input updates in a timely manner while still maintaining web standards and not involving IT.
  • Ease-of-entry process provides for timely management approvals.
Website Tailored to Customer Requirements
  • Modified functionality of SharePoint meets specific customer needs as opposed to limited off-the-shelf standard usage.
Functional, Informative, and Relevant Website
  • Increased website traffic
  • Positive feedback from corps members.
  • Positive feedback from the public.
  • Increased responses and attracting more partners.
  • Other departments asking for referrals to implement a similar web solution.

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