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Storage / Backup & Recovery

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Backup and Recovery / Disaster Recovery with EMC Avamar
(Oct 2013)

In addition to establishing a Disaster Recovery Site, this California government department needed a centralized storage/backup solution that addressed retention and security policies and met Data Center Services requirements for “ready” mode to move to the Tier III data center. EMC’s Avamar deduplication software provided efficient, reliable disk-based backups for geographically disparate multiple locations, greatly reducing storage and bandwidth needs, and which also met the State mandated guidelines.

Effective Backup and Restore on Virtual Infrastructure with EMC Avamar
(Jul 2013)

This California State Government Office was faced with a backup system that no longer met SLAs, a discontinuing tape storage contract, and insurmountable encryption regulations. The Office implemented EMC’s Avamar software/hardware solution with integrated variable-length deduplication technology. Business objectives were met 100% with effective data consolidation, deduplication, replication, encryption, and speed of backups, providing simplified management, additional security, and cost savings.

California Education IT Solutions Empower Success for California Children
(Oct 2010)

More than ever before, the California public school system faces growing budget challenges in conjunction with the need to keep up with ever-changing technologies. Information and communication are keys to success, unlocking and enhancing the relationships between school & district administrators, teachers, students, and the families behind it all.

Server & Desktop Virtualization with Consolidated SAN Solution
(Oct 2010)

This solution required the implementation of many new technologies. But what really set it apart is that is was done for a small budget with a huge Return on Investment (ROI).

Enterprise Storage Solution & Implementation in Virtual Infrastructure
(Jun 2010)

"This storage solution can be used as a model implementation. From the very beginning, this solution was well documented and each step reviewed by subject matter experts in all the relevant disciplines within the organization. This solution uses industry best practices and vendor-approved configurations throughout."


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