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Master Services Agreement (MSA)

ENS-Inc provides IT consulting services under the California IT MSA.

The Information Technology (IT) Consulting Master Services Agreement (MSA) provides professional consultant services. The State of California makes this MSA available to State and local government agencies.

The intent of the IT MSA is to expedite the process used to obtain IT consulting services. Each ordering department is responsible for the following:

  • Development of a Statement of Work (SOW) for the project identifying all order related issues and deliverables contained in the “Request for Offer (RFO)”.
  • Evaluation of the contractors’ SOW response(s) to the RFO and rationale for selection.
  • Choice of the contractor best meeting the user department requirements.
  • Feasibility Study Report (FSR) and Certification of Compliance.
  • Government Code (GC) §19130 standards for the use of personal sevices contracts justification.
  • Note: The user department manages the project, approves the deliverables, and authorizes payment to the contractor.

ENS-Inc offers unmatched flexibility and competencies with proven success in the face of rapidly changing State business processes. Founded in 1999, ENS-Inc employs talented, certified consultants, with over 100 certifications and combined experience of more than 100 years working with the public sector in California.

With key expertise in virtualization, consolidation, and migration, ENS-Inc delivers proven reliable and scalable technology solutions and then provides the onsite training and knowledge transfer to empower your success.

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