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    Press Release - Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc.

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    SharePoint Tools Increase CDCR Operational Efficiency 400% with ENS-Inc Design and Deployment

    June 7, 2012 - The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s (CDCR) Enterprise Information Services (EIS) division now creates and expands collaboration team sites in half the time and at half the cost needed with a previous web content platform.

    “We use fewer people, tools, and resources, and get better, faster results,” says Joe Panora, CDCR’s EIS Director.

    The need to undertake a major construction program underscored a long-standing need to improve information-sharing and collaboration among CDCR employees. According to Panora, there was a common need throughout the department to do a better job managing the creation, sharing, and use of information.

    The CDCR EIS staff worked with Enterprise Networking Solutions (ENS), a Microsoft Partner Network member with multiple Gold competencies, to design and deploy that solution – and, soon after, CDCR’s broader, SharePoint-based intranet.

    “ENS understands the challenges facing government entities, and it understands SharePoint Server,” stated Panora. “They were very helpful in our adoption of this technology.”

    The CDCR now does more with less in part by giving employees immediate access to current, accurate, and consistent information to make better, data-driven decisions. To achieve this access and availability, CDCR created collaboration and business information portals by using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. The department is now in the process of updating this software to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010.

    CDCR applies content management, workflow, and collaboration tools in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to construction programs, strategic planning, and more. This has resulted in the ability to publish updated information four times faster. Document approval time has been reduced by 30 to 60 percent. The SharePoint solution saves 50 percent of time and cost of site creation and expansion. Operational efficiencies have increased 400% compared to previous usage of hypertext pages.

    More than Just a Collaboration Platform

    CDCR has discovered that SharePoint Server is not just a collaboration platform. “It’s a services platform that we turn to first whenever a new business need arises,” says Panora. “We can deliver solutions faster by using SharePoint Server. We can be more responsive to business needs – and even more proactive in anticipating those needs.”

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