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Enterprise Collaboration

featuring Microsoft® SharePoint®

Organizations worldwide are dealing with unprecedented digital information growth. As employees collaborate on projects, author documents, and leverage business applications and workflow processes, they need systems to capture, secure, and store the information that is created…and make it available for search and reuse.

Microsoft SharePoint® Helps Connect People, Information, and Processes Through a Single Window...Anytime, Anywhere


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Top 5 Reasons for a SharePoint Enterprise Portal

  • Secure Collaboration.

    Provide secure access to your most important internal information to both local and remote users. Offer separate public-facing document publishing to satisfy your broader communication needs. Relevant content goes only to the users who are authorized to access it.

  • Document Checkout and Workflow.

    Reduce the cost associated with the duplication of effort by providing a single version-controlled instance of each document. Leverage the ability to assign custom workflows to your documents with document approval. With SharePoint 2010, control access to draft documentation. Then approve draft candidate documentation via an approval workflow, and publish these internal documents to wider audiences, all the while maintaining version control, security, and retention.

  • User-Created Content.

    SharePoint 2010 allows for much greater delegated administration. Power users are empowered to build, create, and maintain their own collaboration areas while the overarching SharePoint Framework is protected.

  • Team Sites.

    Create searchable team sites to allow for collaboration. These sites, built from existing or customized templates, can be used for rapid provisioning, and can contain custom document libraries, calendars, wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, and communication web parts, including Exchange and LYNC.

  • Scalability and Flexibility.

    A well-planned SharePoint Farm can be easily and comprehensively scaled out. Once a properly designed Frame Architecture is defined and implemented, SharePoint can expand and grow with your organization as needed.


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Enterprise Portals Empower Collaboration

As web development tools and technologies have matured, enterprise-level internet and intranet sites have become much more than static displays of information. Today’s enterprise portals use existing authentication and security infrastructures to deliver and manage content to a variety of internal and external users.

Document checkout and workflow, rights management, content management and dynamic reporting can now all be provided from a common framework.

ENS-Inc Developers and Engineers can help turn your business requirements into highly usable portals that will make your employees and business partners more productive, while maintaining the security you require.


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ENS-Inc SharePoint Services

In the development of software and application business solutions, ENS-Inc is pleased to feature Microsoft® SharePoint® services. SharePoint is a family of software products for collaboration, file sharing, and web publishing.

ENS-Inc SharePoint Developers turn your specific user requirements into functional features by developing and creating complex code within your SharePoint app. Your customized SharePoint solution can include public-facing website functionality and/or internal collaboration Intranets that meet the unique needs of your organization.

ENS-Inc SharePoint installation services and support activities include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Architecture Design and Development
  • Installation and Implementation
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Aesthetic User Interface Design
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution


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