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Cloud Solutions

Developing Cloud Strategies that Meet YOUR Business Objectives

Aligning Business Needs with Cloud Solutions

5 Essential Steps to the Cloud

Doing More with Less

As businesses transition and grow, IT departments are being asked to do more with less. They must respond to greater demands for IT services from both customers and partners. The need to bring products and services to market faster than the competition necessitates an examination of Cloud-Based Solutions.

Cloud computing is here to stay because the cloud offers very real benefits to both business and IT constituents. Cloud applications are:

  • Easy to provision
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to use
  • Offered as a “pay as you go” subscription licensing model

Recent Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings provide similar benefits to IT managers and empower them to do more with less.


Developing Cloud Strategies that Meet YOUR Business Objectives

Join former ENS-Inc CIO/COO Frank Ono at Defining the Cloud for Government 2013 as he presents relevant information towards developing cloud strategies for your organization.



Aligning Business Needs with Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are not cookie-cutter solutions. It is important for a business to be clear about its business needs and requirements, and then analyze the offered solutions to make sure they align with those needs.

ENS-Inc cloud specialists partner with your organization to provide a complete overall solution that meets your organization’s changing and dynamic needs while still providing the necessary controls to mitigate risk.

5 Essential Steps to the Cloud

  • Strategy

    Align business needs with IT capability
  • Process

    Streamline and automate processes to achieve business agility
  • Architecture

    Establish an enterprise architecture for this new IT infrastructure
  • Technology

    Design and deploy your technology infrastructure from virtualization to cloud
  • People and Governance

    Create the roles and skills necessary to ensure company-wide adoption, and the accountability framework and policies for stakeholder collaboration

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