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ENS Cloud Services

Cutting Edge Technology that Meets Business Needs and Requirements

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Agility. Efficiency. Protection.

ENS Cloud Services bridges the gap between your business objectives and your information technology integrity.

ENS Cloud Services provide IT agility, efficiency, and protection through comprehensive, cost effective, and flexible enterprise-level solutions. Enterprise-class performance with VM-based protection, storage specifically optimized for virtualization, and real-time server based replication integrates with your latest Microsoft technologies.

DR | Disaster Recovery

Designed for VMware virtualized systems with VMDK-level protection, protects mission-critical data and apps and meets your recovery objectives.

BR | Cloud Backup and Restore

Powerful and reliable backup services ensures data integrity and availability with the ability to locate and utilize specific data and restore at a seat level.

HE | Cloud Hosted Environment

A cost-effective, comprehensive, and protected cloud-hosted solution with high availability, scalability and multiple security levels. Includes Disaster Recovery and Backup and Restore solutions.

BC | Business Continuity

More than just your data, BC goes beyond Disaster Recovery addressing broader issues of technology and business survival with a customized plan.


Protect Your Mission Critical Data and Applications

Developing a reliable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) can spell the difference between continued operation or permanent shut down of your organization should a disaster occur. Your company's BCP should answer the question "What if...?" and serve as a proactive guide to preventing, mitigating, and responding to a business disruption.

  • Reduce the costly impact of downtime.

    About 50% of businesses that suffer from a major disaster without a disaster recovery plan in place never re-open for business. Having a BCP in place provides for a written process of handling disaster events.

  • Identify risks and weigh impacts.

    BC Planning is the ongoing process of identifying risks and their impact on critical business functions in your organization. Developing strategies and procedures for mitigating risks and restoring functions as quickly as possible when a disruptive event occurs are key deliverables of a BCP.

  • Ensure safety of your employees and business interests.

    BC Planning is a staff-wide endeavor that encourages buy-in from the entire organization. Personal responsibility and ongoing training engages employees, assists in safeguarding them, as well as enables a holistic response to a disaster event.

  • Plan for offsite protection of business-critical data.

    Of companies that have had a major loss of data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term*. Align your systems and data protection strategies to achieve your objectives for business resumption in the event of a disaster.

    *Cummings, Haag & McCubbrey 2005

  • Failure to plan is planning to fail.

    Business Continuity Plans serve as an instruction manual during times of disaster. Your organization will be able to rely on well thought out, audited, tested plans vs. guesswork during the intensely stressful times of disaster.


Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery as a Service

ENS-Inc Business Continuity Planning Process

Enterprise Networking Solutions introduces a comprehensive, cost-effective service that brings enterprise-level Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery at a fraction of the cost.

Cost Effective

No need to maintain redundant facilities with servers, storage, network, and personnel.

Hypervisor-based Replication

Designed for the VMware virtualized system with VMDK-level protection.

Fast Recovery Time Objective/Recovery Point Objective (RTO/RPO)

Reduce your downtime and recovery points to fractions of what you currently have using traditional tape and/or diskbased backup systems.

Application Level Backup

Recover individual virtual machines, application groups or your entire operating environment within minutes or hours depending on SLA.

Point-in-Time Recovery

Enables you to roll back and recover to specific time checkpoints.

Scalable / Simple Management

Enables your BC/DR strategy to grow in lock step with your organization. End user-friendly administration.

Private Cloud Hosted


Planning, Implementation, and Hosted Cloud Services

Failure to plan is planning to fail.


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