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ENS DR | Disaster Recovery

Mission-Critical Disaster Recovery in a Virtual World

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What if you went to the office and it just wasn't there?

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Data Protection have become critical challenges in deploying applications on a virtual infrastructure. ENS DR’s hypervisor-based remote replication technology provides the necessary granularity without compromising performance, simplicity of operation, or scalability. ENS DR’s virtual replication combines near-continuous replication with block-level, application-consistent data protection across hosts and storage.

ENS replication separates the application from its physical constructs at the data-protection level. It is fully storage vendor and protocol agnostic and is suited for both data centers and cloud infrastructures.

Designed for VMware virtualized systems with VMDK-level protection, ENS DR works with your organization to:

  • Identify risks and weigh impacts
  • Proetect mission-critical data for business resiliency
  • Access and use your data in the aftermath of a disaster
  • Realize your business-required RTO, RPO, and RGO



Reduce the Costly Impact of Downtime

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Information from a variety of sources including FEMA, Red Cross, and Homeland Security, claim disaster-affected business failure rates of anywhere from 25% to 80% for businesses who do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in place. Regardless of the specific percentages, it is a fact that any kind of a disastrous business interruption can cause irrecoverable damages and significant loss of financial resources and revenues.

Is your data protected? Can you access your data if your building and/or equipment succumb to disaster?

ENS DR engineers work with your organization to develop strategies and procedures for mitigating risks and restoring functions as quickly as possible when a disruptive event occurs.

Data is replicated in national data centers located in Rancho Cordova, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. ENS DR connects you with your data via an internet connection or by a direct access line (“Direct Connect”) between you and our data centers (IPSec tunnel, SSL VPN, RDP connection).

ENS DR allows enterprises to host their production environment within their own data center, but use ENS DR as the recovery site and replication target at multiple data centers as needed and supporting a varied range of SLAs.

View ENS Cloud Replication Architecture Design


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Better Disaster Recovery, Lower TCO - Dramatically Reduce Complexity and Streamline IT Operations

ENS DR Virtual Replication is a software-only product that simplifies and automates the entire application protection lifecycle by utilizing hypervisor-based replication technology, enabling VM-level protection. Many of the manual tasks are automated, reducing or eliminating errors.

  • Select a VM in vSphere vCenter and, with a few clicks, it is replicated and protected. No need for back and forth communication between the storage and application teams and no need to consolidate LUNs or create new ones.
  • ENS DR fully automates the entire failover and failback process, including creation of all the VMs, reconfiguring IP addresses and executing custom scripts. Failover takes only a matter of minutes, enabling you to move workloads around whenever necessary.
  • Unique ‘Virtual Protection Group’ concept allows you to protect an entire application spanning multiple VMs with a single policy and a single automated failover and failback process.
  • Seamlessly supports VMware VMotion, DRS and HA, plus Storage VMotion and DRS. Fully realize the benefits of VMware and ensure your data protection strategy is maintained exactly as you have specified. ENS Cloud adjusts to any changes made by VMware vSphere specifications.
  • Software-automated installation does not require any changes to your storage or server infrastructure, making deployment simple, straightforward, and timely. Your production environment is protected faster and more accurately.


reduce hardware costs

Reduce Hardware Costs with Hardware-Agnostic Replications

  • Storage-agnostic replication enables customer to:
    • Leverage existing storage
    • Lower storage cost at replication site
  • Protects at VM level, reducing storage and network requirements
  • Reduces LUN requirements
  • Reduces storage requirements at the target site
  • Decreases network costs and bandwidth requirements


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Protect and Recover Tier-One and Multi-Tier Applications

ENS Virtual Protection Groups

Ensures quick and safe recovery of the entire application, including all components running on different servers and storage.

Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) ensure applications are replicated and recovered with consistency, regardless of the underlying infrastructure, maximizing performance and capacity while reducing complexity.

  • Group VMs and VMDKs into VPGs
  • Maintain all properties of a VPG's VMs
  • Test recovery, failover and failback of the entire VPG
  • Seamless support for vMotion, DRS and HA while replicating
  • Application protection policy and QoS
  • Leverage built-in support for VSS and VMware vApp objects


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Tier-One Disaster Recovery for Virtual Environments

ENS protection lock

The Security of Knowing!

Built to run on a hosted environment... and, when needed, with the performance of a production-grade solution.

  • Near-synchronous replication
  • Scalable management and deployment
  • Zero application performance impact
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of seconds
  • Application recovery enabling a Recovery Time Objective (RTO)of a minute
  • WAN degradation and outage resiliency
  • Compression and WAN optimization


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Supported Environments

Designed for VMware virtualized systems with VMDK-level protection.

  • ESX/ESXi 4 and up
  • Storage: SAN, NAS, FC, iSCSI, DAS, and all external and internal storage supported by VMware, including replication between different storage types
  • Volumes: VMFS, Virtual RDM, Physical RDM, including replication between volume types
  • Guest OS: all OS supported by VMware
  • Virtualization Features:vAPP, HA, DRS, vMotion, Storage vMotion


Protection at Every Level:

protection at every level


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