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ENS Cloud Hosted Environment

Cutting Edge Technology that Meets Business Needs and Requirements

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Reduce Costs and Change CapEx to OpEx.

ENS HE offers a cost-effective, comprehensive, and protected cloud-hosted solution for your data and applications. We work with you to migrate and build your secure environment with high availability. Once set up, you manage your own virtual infrastructure. Disaster Recovery and Backup and Restore are part of your Cloud-Hosted Environment, with options to expand based on your mission-critical requirements. Support services are available with flexibility determined by your business needs and budget.

An ENS Cloud Hosted Environment provides you with:

  • Improved financial flexibility
  • A secure, scalable infrastructure without increased complexity
  • Agility to respond to changing business needs
  • High availability SLAs based on fault tolerant technologies

Secure, scalable, easy-to-use... and high-performance too!


Drive Business Agility through IT Agility

  • Operational Efficiency - Simplified operations management drives greater resource utilization and staff productivity, greater CapEx and OpEx savings.
  • Infrastructure Agility - On-demand deployment of IT services in minutes with full control over critical business and IT policies; automatically match infrastructure resources to continually changing business demand and workload needs.
  • Operational Control - Delivers the highest levels of application uptime, through automated business continuity along with virtualization-aware security and compliance; enables greater control over the cost of, access to, and placement of IT services.

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ENS Next-Generation Security for Your Hosted Environment

ENS-Inc's Next-Generation Firewall offers multiple security levels. It provides fundamental security like firewalling, networking tools, routing, and secure remote access. Our modular approach lets you add layers to protect as your needs evolve.

Network Protection stops sophisticated attacks that a firewall alone can’t stop. Configurable intrusion protection system and flood protection against denial-of- service attacks. IPsec and SSL tunnels provide flexible site-to-site and remote-access VPN connections.

Endpoint Protection provides desktops, laptops, and servers with antivirus, device, and web control. Scans files, webpages, and devices, blocking or cleaning threats. Device control reduces the risk of data loss and malware by managing removable devices. Built-in URL filtering ensures users get the same level of protection.

Webserver Protection hardens web servers and apps ensuring compliance with a web application firewall. Protects personally identifiable information like credit card and social security numbers. Inspects information submitted via forms on your websites to prevent server exploits.

Email Protection stops spam and viruses and keeps sensitive data safe. Lets users manage their spam quarantine and search a personalized mail log. Keeps infected emails out of your mailbox and protects confidential emails against illegitimate access.

Web Protection lets you protect your employees from web threats and control their time online. Limits use of unwanted applications while giving priority to business critical resources. Create dynamic reports on the fly to check if your policy is working and make adjustments.

Wireless Protection gives you secure Wi-Fi in minutes. Centrally manages access points through the built-in wireless controller. Easily set up wireless hotspots and grant guest access with a simple voucher-based system.


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Benefits of your ENS Cloud Hosted Environment

Cost Savings

Save on provisioning, hardware, and ongoing maintenance costs when you move all or selected parts of your on-premise private cloud or dedicated servers into an ENS HE hosted private cloud.

Physical Isolation

By segregating cloud resources and the hypervisor from other customers through utilization of dedicated firewalls, ENS HE ensures the security, integrity, and availability of mission-critical information in addition to high performance capabilities.

Hardware Refresh

ENS HE handles all infrastructure upgrades, so you never have to worry about your hardware being out of date. Saves time, money, resources… and stress.

Server Consolidation

Through resource pooling, your ENS cloud is an efficient way to consolidate servers, storage, and database workloads into a shared hardware and software infrastructure. ENS HE helps you consoli- date your physical server workloads into virtualized servers to minimize your hardware requirements.

On-Demand Scalability

Grow as you need by increasing capacity as resource demand grows. Buy only what you need to get started, and expand or reduce your performance seamlessly to accommodate changing demands.

Geographically Dispersed Data Centers

Utilize the benefits of having your cloud environments in multiple data centers including disaster-recovery scenarios, remote backup, dedicated failover options, and more. ENS HE clouds are in Rancho Cordova, CA, and Las Vegas, NV.

Outstanding Support Services

Take advantage of ENS HE support options or know that emergency assistance is available 24x7 with our in-house data center experts.

Fully Customizable

Your iBridge Cloud-Hosted Environment is completely customizable with flexible CPU, RAM, and block storage, Customers can clone virtual servers as well as easily implement a development environment mirrored from production. Resources such as firewalls, load balancing, snapshots, and images can be added on demand.


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