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    Application Migration Services

    Your business applications represent a significant investment and often serve as a critical part of your business. However, these applications have a limited life-span due to ever-changing and improving business technologies, in addition to the growth and changes within your own business environment.

    ENS-Inc works with you to develop an effective approach to application migrations associated with application upgrades, system upgrades and changes, and business application changes.

    A high-level review of the existing application with a focus on function, existing problems, and desired features helps to develop the application migration process, which proceeds logically step-by-step.

    Throughout the development and deployment of your application migration, thorough testing and validation continues, ensuring your system will perform as expected in the final production environment.

    ENS-Inc has proven reliable experience in Application Migration Services.

    Our consultants and engineers adhere to industry and vendor-specific best practices and are trained and certified in the latest migration technologies.




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