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Database Migration Services

Ensure Data Access and Data Integrity

secure and recoverable


Data migration is necessary when a company upgrades its database or system software from one version to another or from one program to an entirely different program. Software can be specifically written, using entire programs or just scripts, to facilitate data migration. Data migration also occurs in moving historical data into various storage mediums. The migrated data is typically moved offline but remains available via network access.

ENS-Inc Database Migration services include:

  • Analysis of source data.
  • Extraction and transformation of data.
  • Validation and repair of data.
  • Database migration implementation.

Benefits to your organization include:

  • Assurance of data access and integrity.
  • Improved compatibility with current programming languages.
  • Compliance with the latest security and operational requirements.


ENS-Inc engineers are experienced, trained, and certified in the latest migration technologies.

ENS-Inc develops and deploys your migration solution and provides the training and knowledge transfer to ensure your success.




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