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Training & Knowledge Transfer

ENS-Inc provides the training and knowledge transfer to empower your success.

ENS-Inc provides training

Dedicating time for knowledge transfer delivers results faster.

According to a Forrester report on virtualization, organizations that receive onsite knowledge transfer and training for their staff from either their VAR or vendors achieve greater operational efficiencies faster and are poised to outpace their competitors.

ENS-Inc develops and deploys enterprise solutions and then provides the onsite training and knowledge transfer to empower your success.

  • Your IT team is involved in all aspects of the technology solution, often perfoming hands-on tasks side-by-side with ENS-Inc engineers.
  • ENS-Inc provides classroom-style training and “Train the Trainer” sessions.

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) vs. tribal knowledge.

Tribal knowledge is a precarious backbone for policy, processes, and procedure. When new technologies are implemented, tribal knowlege is scattered at best and important details can get lost in translation.

Well documented processes and procedures provide a foundation for training, troubleshooting, and optimized workflow.

ENS-Inc authors comprehensive as-built and administration documentation specific to your environment.

With proven experience in Best Practices/Policy and Procedure, ENS-Inc can develop all applicable solution documentation and manuals.

ENS-Inc Training Classroom

ENS-Inc Training Classroom...
available for your training sessions or work with certified instructors.

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