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Server Consolidation

Improve Agility, Efficiency, and Ease of Management

server consolidation


ENS-Inc analyzes your current IT infrastructure, utilizes industry best practices, gathers and integrates your business objectives, and then plans and implements your strategic server consolidation. Through a physical consolidation, remote/branch office and business unit servers are moved into a centralized data center where a single physical server is configured to host multiple virtual machine (VM) instances. This consolidation improves management and strengthens business resilience. Through virtualization, workloads are optimized allowing organizations to intelligently manage server resource allocation based on workload demands.

Server Consolidation services include:

  • Analysis and Strategy
  • Architecture and Validation
  • Design and Implementation

Through Server Consolidation, organizations benefit on many levels:

  • Significantly reduced hardware, operating, and administrative costs translate to maximized ROI
  • Efficient new server and application deployments.
  • Agility for expansion and growth.
  • Ease of management and flexibility for workload assignment.

ENS-Inc engineers are experienced, trained, and certified in the latest virtualization technologies.

ENS-Inc develops and deploys your virtualization solution and provides the training and knowledge transfer to ensure your success.




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