Network Observability with Arista: DANZ Monitoring Fabric

Wed, June 24, 2020, 10AM - 11AM

Network Observability with Arista: DANZ Monitoring Fabric
Wed, June 24, 2020, 10AM - 11AM
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Arista’s mission is to deliver next-generation data center networking and monitoring solutions — enabling enterprises realize the benefits of simplified productivity, improved scalability, and pervasive security with a dramatically improved TCO. DANZ Monitoring Fabric is a cloud-first network packet broker that provides an integrated on-prem visibility fabric for deeper monitoring and pervasive security of workloads in the enterprise data center environments.

Join ENS and Arista on June 24th and learn how customers can build network observability fabric using Arista's DANZ monitoring Fabric. 

DMF gives customers 

  • the architectural foundation to bring data for their ScOps teams
  • NetOps teams
  • compliance and customer experience teams

DMF also helps customers in centralizing security and monitoring tool farms and helps customers avoid visibility islands. Once the tools are centralized , customers can capture traffic from any point in the network and take the right mitigative actions related to security, performance, compliance or customer experience. We will also discuss use cases for IOT security  and distributed denial of service attacks.



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